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Thor: The Truth of History

Thor: The Truth of History        

Writer: Alan Davis
Artist: Alan Davis
Inks: Mark Farmer
Colors: Rob Schwager

Appearances:  Stanley, Olivier, Balder, Sif, Hogun, Fandral, Volstagg, Frost Giants, Witch, Queen Nedra, Hosaain Tarree, Neb-Maat, Griffin

Synopsis:  Stanley and Olivier are in Giza discussing and arguing over the ancient past.  Stanley believes that it once rained in Egypt to show such erosion patterns on the Sphinx, and Olivier is dismissing his claims.  4,000 years prior, Thor, Balder, Sif, and the Warriors Three storm Nedra's castle in the Menhir Mountains because she has opened a portal to Midgard, and such portals are forbidden by Odin.  They stop her, but Volstagg accidentally falls through.  Thor and the Warriors Three follow him through to try and rescue him, and find themselves in ancient Egypt.  They stop what they believe to be a vicious taskmaster from whipping his workers, and then meet Neb-Maat the Pharaoh of the time.  Neb-Maat plans to sacrifice them all to the Griffin.  During their battle, the Griffin kills Neb-Maat, and Thor eventually kills the Griffin by causing a lightning storm to strike it.  Thor decides to let it rain for a while, to refresh their crops and quench the thirst of the slaves.

Significant Events:  1st appearance of Stanley, 1st appearance of Olivier, 1st appearance of Witch, 1st appearance of Hosaain Tarree, 1st appearance of Neb-Maat, 1st appearance of Griffin

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