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FIC: Love and Other Lies 20/? (Darcy/Loki)

Title: Love and Other Lies: Chapter 20
Author: me
Genre: Romance/Humor/Angst/Adventure...all the good stuff!
Pairings/Characters: Loki/Darcy, Steve, Fury, Tony Stark, Thor, Jane, Coulson, Shiva and Elvis mentions of others
Rating: Soft R for implied sexy!times
Warnings: I'm not a fan of emo!Loki
Summary: Post Avengers.
Evil is loose on Earth and only Odin's most trusted servant is up to the job. If he doesn't get too distracted by Darcy's boobs. Loki/Darcy love smartassery, myth rewrites and redemption.

This chapter: Elvis!Shiva!Loki -- Whooweeeee!

Read Chapter 20

Read From the Beginning
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